Black-cheeked Gnateater

Tijuca is only 30 minutes from most hotels and offers great birding with several Atlantic Forest endemics like Black-cheeked Gnateaters, Scaled Antbirds, Plain Parakeets, Pin-tailed Manakins, Red-necked Tanagers among others. This tour starts at 6:30 and finishes around 1 pm.

Orange-headed Tanager

Driving along the western coast of Rio we can still find some restinga vegetation on preserved areas. These parks are good for Brazilian and Orange-headed Tanagers, Russet-crowned and Rufous-sided Crakes, Mustached Wren and much more. This  is also a great chance to see the famous coastline of Rio. From 6:30 to 1 pm.

Violet-capped Woodnynph

This very scenic National Park is only 1 hour driving from the city and offers good montane forest birding. Diversity is great at Serra dos Orgãos and our targets will be the Hooded Berryeaters, Black and Gold Cotingas among others. From 6:30 am to 6 pm

Green-billed Toucan

With an area of 28.000 ha, this first national park of Brazil has some of the highest peaks in the country, close to 2.800 meters. Birds diversity with a good number of endemics, great accommodation and a road that goes up to 2.400 meters, makes Itatiaia one of the greatest hot spots for birding in Southeastern Brazil.

Three-toed Jacamar

This 3 days tour combines the mountains of Serra dos Orgãos and Nova Friburgo with semi-deciduous forests of Carmo where our target will be the rare and vulnerable Three-toed Jacamar.

Festive Coquete

This trip to the Southern coast of Rio is an imersion on the lowland forests where we will be looking for the endemics Buff-throated Purpletuft, Black-hooded Antwren, Fork-tailed Tody Tyrant among other beauties.

A good list of Hummingbirds is expected at this trip.

Robust Woodpecker

This 7 days trip combines 2 famous hotspots, mountain and lowland forests.

Great trip!!!!

Cock-tailed Tyrant

This beautiful National Park offers great birding with Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and Altitude fields. The big stars here are the Brazilian Mergansers but Cock-tailed Tyrants and many other endemics will fill up our list. Minas Gerais state and  its countryside life style and nature is a must see part of Brazil.

Gilt-edged Tanager

This incredible park is 4 hours west of São Paulo and is located at one of the most important and well preserved patches of Atlantic Forest south of the tropic of Capricornio.


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